Financial education is not one-size-fits-all.

Create a unique financial education program for your unique customer.
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LaaS Platform - Launching Spring 2022

All-in-one digital platform to lead unique financial education experiences and turn your customers into community

  • Customizable learning paths, community, events, and one-on-one coaching features for a holistic educational experience
  • Choose from a library of educational and entertaining content or we can help you create your own
  • Single sign on and easy integration with your website


Content Development & Strategy Consulting

Our approach to content development is based on just-in-time (JiT) learning and experiential (ExL) learning theories and unlike traditional financial education, we focus on financial capability, which emphasizes behavior change in addition to knowledge gains.

  • Comprehensive target audience segmentation analysis
  • Audience-first, relevant, timely, actionable, easy-to-digest, engaging content
  • Programs can be structured around your financial solution to increase product adaptation

Agile Production Studio & Creator Network

With an in-house team of producers, editors, designers, subject-matter experts and a network of personal finance creators, we can produce multifaceted digital financial education content from videos to instructor-led courses to virtual events at a fraction of traditional production studio and talent agency budgets.


  • Produce content to host on your channels independently or via our learning platform
  • Faster turn-around times than traditional production studios
  • Exclusive, Non-Exclusive, Partner, and Sole licensing options
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